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About Us

Over 27 years in Plastic Masterbatch Industries.

Production Capabilities

  • Six production lines
  • Total Output up to 2500MT/month
  • To supply global customers

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Products Range and Application

Product Ranging from Black, White, Colour, Calcium Carbonate Masterbatches. Our product able to cater to variety of plastic application, such as Film, Injection, Extrusion, and etc

thong eik masterbatch color

thong eik masterbatch calcium carbonate

thong eik masterbatch black

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Material Process Flow

The process involve 3 main sections: –

thong eik masterbatch industries process

MIXER > Mixing all raw materials such as based Plastic Resin, with Calcium Carbonate powder, Colourants, Processing Aids and other Additives. Heating up to 180 degree celcius. All raw materials melted and the Mixture is then transfer to next step – Extruder-Pelletizing.

Lab Facilities

1) Density
2) Melt Flow Index
3) Moisture Content
4) Pellet Weight
5) Colour-Matching Activities

Upgrading of Lab Facilities in year 2020/2021. Objective – to be able to run more tests, increase Outgoing rating while minimize the Rejection Rating/Customer Complaints. One the other hand, by improve Lab Facilities, we are able to upgrade our R&D knowledge on our products.

Our Lab Facilities is limited but we always prioritize as this is help us grow our product quality and ensure customer confident level. Customer Satisfaction is important to the Company.

Company History

THONG EIK MATSREBATCH INDUSTRIES SDN BHD, was found in year 1993 located in Lunas, Kedah. The total land area is about 74,000 SQF

Our main product is Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch. Since then, the Company production expand, hence the product range as well.

Since then our products cater for both local and export market worldwide. Year 2019, The Management had decided to move forward to bigger scale and expand our production and warehouse area.

The 2019 Expansion Project involve 2 new buildings: –
> Building C > Office & Production area with total build up of 677.77 MP

The new office is 2 storey in plan.
> Building D > Warehouse with total build up of 770.40 MP comes with 5 container loading bays.

The expansion of a bigger warehouse enable us to expand our production capacity also. This shall be our next target to increase Total Output in our next expansion project for production, probably once we have complete our 2019 Expansion Project, in year 2021/2020.


thong eik masterbatch industries process

thong eik masterbatch industries process

thong eik masterbatch industries process

thong eik masterbatch industries process

thong eik masterbatch industries process


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